Celeste Lyn Paul

Celeste is a computer scientist and researcher focused on understanding human factors in security operations. She works for the government, has been speaking on technology for over 10 years, and earned her Ph.D. in Human-Centered Computing from UMBC.

Human Factors in Cybersecurity

While so much of cybersecurity research is focused on the technology, Celeste's focus is on understanding the role of the people who work as analysts and operators in security operations. Selected papers and media...

Analysis and Cognitive Work

Understanding how people analyze data and solve problems is core to developing effective tools and processes for work. Celeste's research has focused on understanding cognitive processes and biases that most affect intelligence and cyber analysis. Selected papers...

Information Visualization

Information visualization is critical for analyzing and understanding large, complex, abstract data. Celeste's visualization research has focused on designin methods that support the analysis of cyber, graph, and textual data. Selected papers and visualizations...

Research Methodologies

Good science starts with a good theoretical approach to a problem. When the right methods were not available, Celeste developed tools and methods to be able to study hard problems. Selected papers and media...

Usability in Open Source Software

Over the years, Celeste has volunteered for and lead many free software and open culture communities including HacDC, KDE, Kubuntu, and Open Usability. Her contributions have focused on establishing usability as an engineering practice and improving the overall quality of open source software. Selected papers and talks...


November 2018 The video of Celeste's talk at Black Hat 2018 is now available online:

Black Hat USA 2018: Stress and Hacking: Understanding Cognitive Stress in Tactical Cyber Operations

August 2018 Celeste and colleagues publish two papers at USENIX Security workshops: Cyber Operations Stress Survey at CSET'18 and Integrated Tactical Operations for Red/Blue Teams at SIW'18.

July 2018 Celeste and colleagues publish a new visualization in Journal of Information Visualization.

TexTonic: Interactive Visual Data Exploration for Very Large Text Collections